Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Having a positive credit rating is a must in today’s economy. Credit rating determines your creditworthiness, which directly influences your chances of securing loans from financial institutions. However, it is inevitable for you to encounter problems in your financial obligations – from late payments and declaration of bankruptcy to credit report mistakes made by various financial institutions – that will send your credit score plummeting towards the red zone. Fortunately, a solution is present to fix this problem – credit repair services.

Dale Luker

P&P Credit Services

Senior Credit Analyst,

Ph: 469-441-4602

About Dale

I am the oldest of 6 brothers and sisters.  I have umpired 15 years of Professional Baseball.  After my baseball career, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree and taught public and private school for 8 years.  I have been in the Credit industry for the last 8 years.  I enjoy nothing more than to see my clients succeed and reach their credit goals. I was just where you are now and after going through our program myself, I now own my 1st New Home.  Having Great Credit allows you to make money yourself instead of paying someone else’s mortgage!